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I’m a creative team leader, full-funnel strategist, and cross-functional trail-blazer who specializes in innovative, multi-platform creative ecosystems with proven results.

The Women's Care project was a multi-faceted, comprehensive reformulation that redefined and unified the uniquely female experience across every touchpoint.

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all for one
one for all

Developing a creative strategy designed to match MD Now's ambitious plan for expansion required a strong campaign to drive engagement and action.

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The doctor is in—and out-of-home

This campaign, developed for MD Now Urgen Care, solidified the relationship with current patients as it drove inroads into new territories and introduced superior healthcare to a fresh audience.

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Adaptability gets a facelift

Creating a flexible ecosystem whose differences were only skin-deep required cross-department collaboration and a partnership with the client deeply rooted in trust.


Connecting the dots

Women's Care was reimagined—both online and off—to create a sisterhood fueled by girl power, innovative integration UX, and market research. The brand celebrates unique individuals in an authentically shared experience.

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We're every woman

Awkward. Embarrassed. Uncomfortable. Through information, empowerment, and frank discussion, the social media strategy was designed to overcome these barriers to care. Creating a safe space enabled patients to be more proactive ands develop a better relationship with their health.


Striking while the testing is hot

This concept capitalized on the increasing interest in at-home DNA and on-demand testing to usher in MD Now's new health risk asessent offering. While this idea was not ultimately chosen, it highlights the application of relevant market influences to generate demand.


Let's get down to business

Behind every good doctor, is a god business manager—and in this case that's SignatureMD. Eye-catching creative that explains the financial and personal benefits quickly helped this concierge medicine company acquire physician-affiliates steadily through a multi-channel approach.


Get back to feeling like yourself

Prior to MD Now's rapid expansion, the 'get back' campaign was launched for cold and flu season. The series of images representing common symptoms generated an uptick in patient visits and helped make MD Now the go-to urgent care in South Florida.


Nailed it!

Keeping the supply chain running requied whit, packaging ingenuity, and a splash of color for USply, an international distributor of plywood. New business doesn't come knocking without solid advertising, evolving product lines, or a website designed for audiences across the globe.


Fear is an old flame

This concept for MD Now's health risk assessment offering provided an opportunity to replace fearing the unknown with powerful knowledge to help patients take control of their health. This concept was not chosen, however the visual impact is too powerful to keep under wraps.


The best of both worlds

SignatureMD has two audiences—patients and physicians—but wanted only one website. To create a seamless experience, a UX was created that could serve both the aging patient population looking for personalized care and informing both audiences about the benefits of concierge medicine.


Thinking inside the box

SignatueMD wanted to go toe-to-toe with their biggest competitor by replicating the success they found with weekend getaway sales pitches. Several concepts were developed but ultimately abandoned due to supply chain shortages and the COVID-19 pandemic.


Information is the key to new clients

MDG employed infographics and informative, SEO-stacked blogs to appeal to new clients and generate awareness. These efforts were so successful, they attracted La Mer, Clinique, and Be Delicious' parent brand, Estée Lauder who commissioned three infographics for world-wide campaigns.